Secrets Guard

Secrets Guard

Store passwords and personal data in an encrypted storage

Secrets Guard offers you an offline storage for your passwords, documents, card data, bank accounts and other personal data. All you secrets will be securely protected.

Windows 11/10/8
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Secrets Guard

Protect important data with a password

Password manager that will allow you to securely store site passwords as well as other personal data, for instance: bank cards, personal IDs, documents, files etc. All you data is stored in one place - in an encrypted digital storage only you have access to.

No Internet Access

No network requests. Even no checks for updates. 100% offline desktop application.


You will be able to easily and quickly create all types of entries. Secrets Guard has a built-in template editor.

Password Library

Structure and store your data in a way you find convenient. The library will help you easily find the entry you need.

You'll have to remember one password though

Secrets Guard will do deal with the rest 99.99%

Your data will be protected with the password you set. It is used to encrypt all entries. So the most important thing is to remember it

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Windows 11/10/8


The trial version is limited by the number of entries. Experiment as much as you want.

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