Secret Guard Features

Manage your passwords easily

Secrets Guard

Password Manager for Windows

Password Library

Organize your secrets as you like it

Organize all your entries so that it is easier for you to navigate them later. There is no strict structure, it all depends on your preferences.

You can easily find the entry you need using the search and filter feature.


Configure your templates for various types of entries

Secrets Guard allows you to store entries in various formats. For instance, bank card information is different from that necessary to log into a site.

The application already has preset templates for various types of entries. You will also be able to create your own templates or change those already existing using the built-in intuitive template editor.

Password Generator

Create the most unbreakable passwords in a couple of clicks

Easy-to-use password generator that will help you create the most reliable and protected passwords in a couple of clicks.

No access to the Internet

Secure storage on your computer

Secrets Guard does not use access to the Internet for any purposes. 100% offile desktop application.

All data in your file is encrypted with the password that you specify while creating the storage. It is the only password that you will have to keep in mind.